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Le site existe depuis quinze ans. Pendant toutes ces années, j'ai reçu énormément de demande de voyance en direct ou pour des cours de tarot.

Afin de répondre à vos attentes, mon épouse et moi-même vous proposons maintenant des consultations sérieuses et des cours de qualité.

Dans un cadre discret, vous aurez la possibilité de poser vos questions et de faire le point sur la situation en cours.

Vous aurez également la possibilité de recevoir des conseils en lithothérapie et en soins énergétiques.

Pour prendre un rendez-vous ou pour toute demande de renseignement complémentaire, nous vous invitons à nous contacter sur le site

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Tarot consulted
(february 2012)
Urim and Thummim
186'428 consultations

The only instrument of divination permitted by God, these two rock crystals, one black and the other white can have a support in difficult choices.

Osho zen tarot
132'866 consultations

This game is based on the states, the thoughts and ideas of the Indian guru Osho. It is used to understand the past or predict the future through play transcendental Zen.

The pendulum
74'483 consultations

It allows to receive energy of the unconscious or the subconscious of the person or group and bring them to the conscious level. It provides accurate information.

Oracle GE
56'749 consultations

Gerard Barbier creator of the oracle G allows anyone to predict the future. The 61 symbols are simple and meet on many issues accurately.

Le petit Lenormand
36'596 consultations

Miss Lenormand was the most famous fortuneteller of the nineteenth century. You can choose the sex of the draw Consulant.

Divinatory dominoes
28'827 consultations

This set consisting of 28 pieces has two parts. Each part contains a number of points. A choice of 3 dominoes will provide you with valuable advice to your question.

Affinity between names
18'097 consultations

This game teaches you the similarities between you and your partner. It tells you the probability of being happy together. The calculation is based on the number of expression.

Tarot Soprafino 1835
18'051 consultations

This tarot came into being in 1835, and was created from engraved plaques which permitted the printing of its details to a superior degree of finesse. The perfection of this game served as a model and was copied throughout the 19th century.

Lombardie Tarot 1810
14'578 consultations

This tarot was revealed for the first time in Italy (Lombardie) in 1810. It is composed of a game of Sarazin cards, in which we have associated 22 major arcanes. Certain details diverge from the tarot of Marseille.

Viscontis Triangle
12'987 consultations

Viscontis triangle is a royal, divinatory tarot, dating from the 15th century. It was released on gold paper. Careful attention was given to its details.

Your biorhythm
11'395 consultations

The graph of your biorhythms to better understand your mood changes. It used to be better prepared for periods that these hormonal changes can cause.

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