Osho Zen Tarot

The use of divinatory arts presented on my site needs to be addressed in a fun way. These games can be tools for personal development and also serve to develop intuition but in any case, they should not lead your life. Regarding medical issues, they are addressed with a medical doctor.

This game is based on the states, the thoughts and ideas of the Indian guru Osho.
It is used to understand the past or predict the future through play transcendental Zen.

Reproduction with permission of the author
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Grand Oracle - 1858 (new)

Grand Oracle - 1858

Cet ancien jeu possède des similitudes avec le Grand jeu de Mlle Lenormand datant de 1890. Ce dernier contient des particularités singulières. En effet, le Grand Oracle dispose d'une carte supplémentaire et des signes alchimiques sur le haut droit des cartes. Les nombreuses différences sur les dessins et les interprétations sont curieuses.