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Le site existe depuis quinze ans. Pendant toutes ces années, j'ai reçu énormément de demande de voyance en direct ou pour des cours de tarot.

Afin de répondre à vos attentes, mon épouse et moi-même vous proposons maintenant des consultations sérieuses et des cours de qualité.

Dans un cadre discret, vous aurez la possibilité de poser vos questions et de faire le point sur la situation en cours.

Vous aurez également la possibilité de recevoir des conseils en lithothérapie et en soins énergétiques.

Pour prendre un rendez-vous ou pour toute demande de renseignement complémentaire, nous vous invitons à nous contacter sur le site


The use of divinatory arts presented on my site needs to be addressed in a fun way. These games can be tools for personal development and also serve to develop intuition but in any case, they should not lead your life. Regarding medical issues, they are addressed with a medical doctor.

Did you know ?

Our body is influenced by cyclic rhythms encouraged by chemical modifications in our brain taking direction from such factors as light change, seasons, hormonal disturbances, shortage of sleep or our reproductive cycle …

Between the 19th and 20th centuries leading medical experts developed the hypothesis that the body was dependent on the following rhythms :

The emotional capacity is subject to a cycle of 28 days.
The physical capacity  is subject to a 23 day cycle.
The intellectual capacity a cycle of 33 days.

However in ancient times, Hippocrates had already issued the thesis that the moral, physical and intellectual health were obeying these cycles.

The diagram of your biorhythms allows a better understanding of your mood changes. It serves to prepare you better in times of great activity, in an atmosphere of trust that these hormonal changes can result in. In all measures possible, it is recommended to choose the period conducive for an intellectual, physical or emotional activity.


Demonstrates positive periods of stability and some negative periods. As a result, the positive period above the horizontal line for subsistence / to subsist the first ( 1st ) to the eleventh ( 11th ) and a half day with a maximum energy on the sixth ( 6th ) day.

The moment where the curve crosses the horizontal line are critical days. One must take care of oneself physically.

When the period is found below the horizontal line for continuing the 12th ½ ( twelfth and a half ) day to the 24th ( twenty-fourth ) day, the physical ability is reduced to non-existent.


Demonstrates our mood variations in our relationships with others, our sensitiviy, artistic creativity and studies. During the first fourteen ( 14 ) days, the period remains positive.

From the 15th ( fifteenth ) to the 28th ( twenty eighth ) day, the negative phase begins, where it is good to isolate oneself, in order to spare others.

Critical days are from the first ( 1st ) to the fourteenth ( 14th ) day. It’s a difficult passage that tends  towards allowances and can provoke disputes. At the same time, if the physical biorhythm is found in an elevated position, accidents can manifest from a loss of control.


Demonstrates that the best period is situated around the first (1st ) to the 16th ½ ( sixteenth and a half ) day. It highlights  quick-thinking , clear-sightedness and  memory.

The negative period is situated between the 17th ( seventeenth ) and 33rd ( thirty third ) day. This last appears in the form of slight intellectual fatigue.

The critical days are the 1st ( first ) and the 16th ( sixteenth ) days. Avoid undertaking highly intellectual work. You encounter great difficulties to develop new  knowledge.


Can be established on a year that has elapsed from your biorhythm curves and your horoscope. This last is built on the basis of the astronomical situation of the constellations and the exact position of the planets relative to your date of birth. It is represented on the diagram below by days of opportunity and misfortune.

Oswald Wirth - 1889 (new)

Oswald Wirth - 1889

Joseph Paul Oswald Wirth naquit en 1860 Brienz en Suisse. Il fut initi en franc-maonnerie en 1884 et tudia l'astrologie et la symbolique hermtique. Ce dernier dessina les lames du tarot que nous prsentons dans ce tirage.